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Dog Training

Dog Training at Country Lane Kennels

What does dog training at Country Lane Kennels look like? Let our expert dog trainers evaluate your situation to build a peaceful home with a stronger bond between you and your furry friend. Every trainer will start by speaking to the pet parent about what is desired to be accomplished in the training program. We will offer up a regiment that is taylored to the needs of the dog and give the parent a quote.

What training can be done?

Our expert dog trainers can do many types of training. We are a blended training program. We can do desensitization, reducing aggression (dog, people, food, etc.), basic obedience, advanced obedience, and tricks. Call for more information.

What does my dog need to start?

Your dog will need to be 8 weeks old at a minimum. Once reaching 16 weeks old, they will no longer be able to attend classes until they get their rabies vaccine. All dogs needs bordetella and distemper to partcipate in any training.