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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at Country Lane Kennels LLC

We are proud to be one of the oldest dog boarding kennels in Saint Charles County, Missouri. Our kennel has operated continuously since 1979 on three lovely grass-covered acres. All the staff love it at this location, with the beautiful horizon, large shade trees and our custom decorative fishpond. It’s certainly a sight to behold and we’re positive your dog will love it too!

We spare no effort to create a warm and welcoming environment for your pet. Their comfort is our number one priority, so we offer specialized care depending on what they require. After all your pet is special to you, and we agree! Every dog that walks in our doors holds a piece of our hearts.

Our Facility

Your pet will always be placed in a completely clean and sanitized run. We used hospital grade cleaner and we’ll let you in on a ‘secret’…our staff want to ensure the cleanliness of our building, so this facility does not use hoses. Hoses have a knack of spreading disease around. Instead of hoses, we make up our own buckets of water and grab specialized scrub brushes and get to work. Every inch of the runs are cleaned by hand with careful dedication by staff to make sure they are spotless.

Feeding and Watering

Our goal is to keep your pet healthy and happy as could be, which means prompt feeding to your specification and never a lack of water or entertainment. We will not miss a beat and you can bet on it. For your dog’s needs, we serve our premium dog food brands hand-picked by the owner, or if preferred we can serve whatever food you have packed up! Please let us know if there are any medical conditions we need to know about with food or treats.


We’re certain your pup would love nothing more than to eat all day, but we know that isn’t the only thing a happy dog requires. That’s why your pet will enjoy our indoor-outdoor runs. Every two hours (at the absolute minimum!) during the day our staff will encourage your pet to visit their graveled outdoor run for some exercise and fun. This is also great for dog socialization. Rest assured, your pet is completely safe in a private run protected by chain link fencing. But they have the opportunity to have fun sniffing, barking and running alongside the dog next door. During spring and fall, our doggie guests love the mild days when their run doors are left open for sun-bathing, exercising and mental stimulation!

Why You Should Pick Us

We will cater to your pup’s needs – if they don’t get along with other dogs or are fearful of other dogs, they will be let out specially to protect everybody and create a happy environment for all in the kennel. Please let us know upfront if your furry friend has special needs such as these and we’ll be happy to oblige.

You won’t get this level of service anywhere else. Contact Country Lane Kennels today for the best dog boarding service in the area!

Don’t need to board your friend for very long? Consider letting them have fun at our doggie daycare! Don’t forget, we also offer services such as grooming and training for a well-balanced facility.