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Dog Playtime

Dog Playtime at Country Lane Kennels LLC

With our dog boarding service, you have the option to add daily private playtime as part of your pet’s stay at Country Lane Kennels. Supervised by experienced playtime attendants, this is a safe way for your pet to stretch out their legs and have fun without the interference from other dogs! Keep in mind, our playtime is private meaning no dogs interact with other dogs. This also includes the dogs who don’t get along with other dogs so well. It gives them a chance to stretch their legs just as much as ay other. You can rest easy knowing Country Lane Kennels has your dogs best interests at heart.

If your pooch is a cuddler instead of a runner, our staff are happy to give all the hugs, kisses and belly-rubs your baby desires. We encourage you to add one or two playtimes per day to keep your pet healthy and entertained. We believe a tired dog at the end of the day is a content dog. 

Our dog care is unrivaled in our customization, care, and consideration. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let us know about toys they can and can’t have as well as any old injuries to be aware of. You tell us what you usually do to keep your pet happy and we’ll be sure to keep up that loving care. We always listen to the customer, both owner and canine companion, because the happiness of both means we’re doing something right.

We are the premier dog boarding destination in St Charles, MO. Whenever you need someone to watch after your dog, be it daycare or vacation, give us a call to make your reservation today. Country Lane Kennels also offers dog grooming, training and doggie daycare!