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Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming at Country Lane Kennels LLC

If you’re looking for a top notch dog grooming facility in your area, Country Lane Kennels offers premium dog grooming services! Our experienced groomers can provide everything from puppy cuts to puppy mohawks. In addition to our all-breed dog boarding services, we can take care of your dog’s personal haircut needs tailored to your style, teeth brushing, and nail trimming. Just need a simple bath and are too tired to do it? Let us know, we’d be happy to help with that too! Nothing too big or too small for our customers. Your dog gets to have fun and look good while doing it.

Unique Grooming Tailored to Each Unique Dog

Every groom is unique, and we tailor our services to your needs. There is never a dog too small or too large – too old or too young. Each dog is gently handled depending on their personalities, while achieving the specific dog grooming result you want. With our expert trainers on staff, you can rest assured we won’t turn your dog away. Well find the way to communicate with your pup to meet the end goal of a perfect groom.

No one else offers the same combination of quality and care than us. It’s all thanks to our staff’s total commitment to both you and your companion’s satisfaction. When we make the dog happy, we know we make the owner happy. And when our customers are happy, that means we’re happy! We will make sure your dog is groomed to 100% satisfaction.

Always Seeking Improvement

That said, our services will get better and better with every visit and the key to our success is your continued input. Don’t be afraid to offer us suggestions, tips, or tell us what you liked and didn’t like to better let us get to know you and your artistic style. We will always take your answers into consideration to pave the path to a happy groom. For more information, please contact us today!


Don’t forget, we also offer dog boarding, training, and daycare to cater to your family’s every need.